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  1. Today is the 7th anniversary of Oscar Grant’s murder by ex-Bart cop Johannes Mehserle. That really should have been the tipping point, but it wasn’t. There was that video. Now social media is flooded with similar videos, but this still isn’t a mainstream media topic. And when it is talked about in mainstream media, it is always with a racial bias, blaming the victim, looking for any excuse to justify the murder of another unarmed, innocent person.

    I cannot see where the destruction of Bill Cosby and his legacy is much more than a mainstream media distraction, another opportunity for them to tear someone apart rather than truthfully report the real news that actually affects our lives here and now.

    Unless we all want to die in a country where there are state sanctioned executions of 12 year old black boys playing with toy guns in a public park, then it might be a best for everyone to stay focused. I’m 63, and forty years ago no one could have convinced me that 2015 would be what is was. Now there is a very real possibility that I will die in a country that has much in common with the Jim Crow south where I was born.

    Happy New Year, Roger. Keep writing.

  2. I agree with you whole heartedly. Even if these allegations are true, this doesn’t take away the way he has positively influenced our people. There is a difference between Cliff Huxtable and Bill Cosby. These allegations do not negate the fact than African Americans went on to be lawyers and doctors because of the Cosby Show. Or the ones that believed black families can be success. Or the number of kids who went to college because of A Different World. I dont want to excuse him him for any of the acts he may have committed, but we shouldn’t discredit the positive he has produced as well. I couldn’t agree with you more.

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