Notes on Christopher Dorner


Christopher Dorner has been burned alive without receiving a trial or anything close to due process of law. As more audio evidence surfaces of police officers screaming; “Burn that mother fucker down!” The more it appears to resemble a public lynching. It baffles me because we constantly speak of progress being made on the racial front in America and we point to Barrack Obama sitting in the white house as proof of this but the Oscar Grants continue to happen. The Trayvon Martins continue to happen. The executions continue to happen.

I should say before I continue that Christopher Dorner was a terrible person at the time of his death. He was a narcissist who used corruption within the LAPD as a springboard to express his admiration for Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Tebow. He killed an innocent couple and one has to draw the conclusion that he did all of these things, in large part, for personal fame. Moreover, Christopher Dorner should not be considered a revolutionary. Nor should he be considered a martyr. With that being said Dorner should also never be called a liar.

He spoke of wanton discrimination within the Los Angeles Police Department and called out a fraternity in blue that had been allowed to operate with impunity even after the Rodney King beating and subsequent riots shined a spotlight on the department enabling the whole world to see the atrocities that they were allowed to get away with. And even if we dismiss “The Christopher Dorner Manifesto” as crazy talk from an attention-hoarding lunatic, we surely cannot dismiss the fact that police departments around the state of California were aiming to kill him. Bringing Dorner to justice was never an option. Torrance PD proved this when they shot two Hispanic women on sight—one of them 71 years old—because they thought they were the fugitive. This should indicate to the general public that law enforcement feared what Dorner might say in trial or the in letters that he may have sent to loved ones on the outside. The officers who he would have surely implicated feared for their careers. Basically Dorner knew too much therefore he had to go.

In instances such as this one we must be careful not to read the world as if it were a Marvel comic book. That is, there is no such thing as pure good versus pure evil. We cannot say that Dorner was justified for targeting the families of the same police officers that he claimed ruined him. We also cannot say that the LAPD was justified when they cornered the accused cop killer into a cabin and shot several canisters of flammable tear gas at the structure until it started a blaze that ultimately burned him alive. (For the record I am aware of accounts of a single gunshot being heard sometime shortly after the blaze was ignited which would suggest that Dorner might have actually committed suicide. However it doesn’t really matter. The intentions of the LAPD were to burn him up. There was no attempt to wait him out or to thoroughly negotiate his surrender).

Christopher Dorner is dead but justice surely hasn’t been served. With each murder of someone deemed a terrorist be it Osama Bin Laden, George Zimmerman’s worst nightmare Trayvon Martin, or whom ever else, we move closer and closer to functioning like the fascist countries of the olden days and those third world countries that we are supposed to be showing “the light of democracy.” As a nation we need to quickly check ourselves before our collective belief in the constitution itself is murdered by the disenchanted masses.


4 thoughts on “Notes on Christopher Dorner

  1. Fascist is the right word for describing what we’re becoming as a country. Not only did Dorner kill the relative of one of the people that got him canned, which in itself is cold, he killed the relative’s fiance, a brotha that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    For me to almost think that he got his just due, would make me fascist…and I definitely don’t want to be that.
    Once again, good perspective friend. Hotep.

  2. To be honest-we don’t even know that Dorner killed the daughter and her boyfriend. Yes, he threatened to do it, but we don’t KNOW that he followed through with it. Who can say he wasn’t dead 3 days before-who’s to say the LAPD didn’t use his manifesto to eliminate 2 people that were going to expose them for what they are or had evidence that would take down some big player? We don’t know if they were pawns in the LAPD’s game and Dorner the patsy. LAPD may have set up the whole thing, just so they could eliminate the threat from the 2 “innocent” people. I say, don’t take it at face value-suspect ulterior motives on behalf of everyone. Because I promise you-they are there. Was Dorner really so very dangerous to a huge contingent of the LAPD department there outside the cabin that they had to BURN the cabin down? Or did they want to make sure they burned the evidence of a person who was already dead? This whole thing was bullshit and I suspect every single day of it. [and yes, I agree-it does sound like a fiction action flick-I told someone when this started and I first read the manifesto-if this were a movie we would be rooting for Dorner.]

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