On These Sad Days

February 8, 12

                Is writing still my passion if I have to force myself to do it? With all the thoughts in my head, all the drama from work, and al the stress of my daily life you would think it would be so easy to pick up a pen and allow my soul to flow through it. I’m stuck somewhere. I’ve been running away from my writing like so many other men run away from their responsibilities. I still have ideas but lately I’ve been lacking the motivation that it takes to get them down on paper.  Waiting on a muse I guess. Just waiting on some perfect goddess to come inspire me, to save me. Typical. One would think that an education might make me different but I’m the same dude from around the way.  Substitute the campus library for the street corner and you got me. And ain’t no fanciful words gone pay these bills. I feel like I’ve come a mighty long way to still be standing in the same place. On these sad days I just want to disintegrate into dust and be blown away just to say that I’ve been somewhere else.



8 thoughts on “On These Sad Days

  1. I like that you wrote this.
    Writing about my frustrations with writing helps…sometimes.

  2. I don’t know anyone that writes that haven’t shared variations of these sentiments. Hang in there.

  3. This is great cause I’m suffering the same sort of thing at the moment… Just shows when you write with your heart, than you will always find a relatable few that it will help.
    Ta YB 🙂

  4. I empathize, I knew this point would come to me, as things kept flowing last year. No real inspiration for writing write now, though I force myself to write something each week.

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