Don’t Believe the Hype

October 2, 2011

I love Michael Jackson and I miss him dearly. With that being said I also know that the conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray will not bring him back. I must say that I’m a bit dumbfounded by the trial and the emotional frenzy that is taking place right outside the courthouse.

I don’t know what it is about our society that makes vengeance mandatory in situations where it makes no logical sense. The truth is that Michael Jackson was a very wealthy and powerful man who was addicted to the drug propofol. He felt as though he needed it to sleep. Several other doctors prescribed propofol for Michael Jackson and if Conrad Murray refused to do so then Michael would have simply hired another doctor.

As I listened to the radio yesterday I couldn’t help but to notice hearing some of my favorite MJ jams on almost every radio station. I was elated to be able to groove to all of these songs on the way to work— especially Billy Jean— until I thought about why they were suddenly put into heavy rotation on the radio playlists. Capitalism is about making money by any means and I believe the sole purpose of this trial is not to seek justice but rather it is just another example of corporate greed, brainwashing, and manipulation.

It’s no secret that even though the King of Pop is deceased his fans are still the most loyal on the planet. We know that thousands of them will flock to Los Angeles from all over the world and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars while in town, we know that millions of them will follow the trial by watching the news thus boosting television ratings on every major network, and we know that millions more will spend millions of dollars on MJ music and merchandising. American businesses will net a grotesque amount of money from this absurd trial, and all they have to do to get it is put a black man in jail for murder. Well hell they’d do that for free.

Pshhhh! It’s so ignorant. Please don’t believe the hype.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Believe the Hype

  1. we’ll probably never agree on this lol and I’m not trying to convince u otherwise cuz i respect ur opinion. We all have biases: me cuz i’m an Mj superfan and maybe (could be wrong) u cuz you have family in the medical field. These are just my personal feelings. First, not that it makes it right but, mj fans worldwide are so loyal and dedicated that I think any physician (black, white asian, whoever) who was the last person responsible for mj’s medical care would get an “off with his/her head” response from them. Second, I think it makes sense that dr. murray would be charged, not necessarily guilty bc we dont know all the facts but i believe he had some responsibility as Mike’s health was entrusted in his care. Even if it wasn’t mike, if it was my brother, sister, father, best friend or stranger…i would expect that a physician would adhere to the oath that they took to do no harm. “The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by doctors and other healthcare professionals swearing to practice medicine ethically.” Yes addicts are responsible for actively trying to secure drugs and they sometimes do so to their own demise. However, i think that drugs that are under the control and administered by a licensed physician are expected to be administered for the purposes of which they were intended for and done so responsibly. According to what I’ve been following about the case…propofol is not intended for sleep. It’s an anesthetic…a powerful one which can result in death…yes mike was wrong for wanting it and actively trying to get it, but i don’t think that if a dr. accepts a bribe, sees dollar signs and obliges that he is just automatically let off the hook b/c “the addict wanted it and he got what he wanted.” if mike got it underground and took it himself i would say it was completely his fault. But to me it looks like he was legitimately hired to keep Michael healthy and well during his tour. There were medical professionals who testified that Mike asked for the drugs and they refused him. to me that is ethically practicing within your license under the Hippocratic oath…giving in and providing your patient with something that they shouldn’t have doesn’t seem like something a professional would or should do. regardless of all that, from what i’ve heard so far : I think it was negligent of the dr. to leave mike for a long period of time hooked up to an IV while cupcaking w/ his girlfriend on the phone (they said the drug requires constant monitoring), i think it was negligent for him to try to perform cpr on mike on the bed (a soft surface) when it was said that he should have placed him on the floor for effective chest compressions, i think that it was wrong that when the EMR showed up, it’s testified that he told them that there was nothing wrong, i think it was negligent that the dr. waited such a long time to call for emergency help, etc… and none of those feelings have to do with him being a black man as i consider mike to be just that much of a black man and a victim. I think that many of the fans seem to be discussing actual testimony and not just “i love mj so down w/ dr. murray.” I do know that some do have that mindset though…all in all i don’t have the answer, i cannot know or judge what happened…All i know is how i feel…and if it were not mike…i would not just say “let the dr. off the hook, he’s an addict and he asked for it and that’s what happened, case closed.” i would not want me or my family to go to a “yes man” dr. practicing on dollar signs…i feel that there is a professional responsibility there….even if it is to say no and lose him as a consumer/customer…

    Whew, i wrote a lot…i love mike so much that it hurts lol…what can i say 🙂

  2. and yes…if there is evidence that other physicians unethically and/or neglently gave him propofol, they should have their licenses w/drawn too…i think b/c he died on murrays watch, he’s getting the most attention…but i don’t think that doesn’t mean dr. murray should not be at all responsible…

  3. no problem!! much respect!

  4. MJ is just plain TALENTED! He was born a star!!
    Who’s perfect? Who really knows the truth? No body but God and MJ himself.. May he R.I.P…
    So therefore, I have no opinion of the history of MJ – I just lurve to jam along to his music too. Much respect for all opinions.
    Awesome writing and passion – always enjoy reading whats next YB

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