Feeling Good

August 21, 2011

There is nothing like heading outside early on a Sunday morning and letting the sun touch your skin. I have grown to appreciate going on morning runs. When I workout first thing in the morning with crust in my eyes, bad breath, and dry slob on my cheek from a good nights sleep it enables me to recognize what’s really real. Way too often I become caught up with my own appearance, and my own hardships. It’s a shame that my vision can be so easily clouded by issues that aren’t nearly as significant as I allow them to become.

Yesterday my daughter scored her first goal in soccer and although I couldn’t see it due to my day job I’m glad I had the opportunity to share the elation with her as soon as I got home. Also today I will be able to attend the very popular Art and Soul Festival in Oakland, CA. It’s always a beautiful, eclectic scene with an array of local dancers, musicians, artists, and singers. It’s truly a blessing that I will be able to attend with my family and hopefully see other friends in attendance that I haven’t seen in years.

The thoughts that come into my mind while I’m running in my beat up old running shoes and old sweat pants can be very uplifting. On this Sunday morning I’m feeling good. On this day I feel like a champion.


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