Forward Motion

August 18, 2011

It used to be so much easier to take chances when consequences meant nothing. It seems like just yesterday I had no fear of failing anything and now it’s almost as if I’m afraid to try. It’s only the big things that make me hesitate. You know the tasks that require long-term commitments, or for me to open up for an extended period of time.

Repression is a beast that we have all learned to live with. No matter how uncomfortable it makes us it’s very rare that we let everything out. It is an unfortunate fact that we nurture our pain like we nurture our children until it becomes unbearable. We only deal with it when we have no choice and I am no exception. I would like to change however. I need to take that chance.


3 thoughts on “Forward Motion

  1. I agree. Change is easier when you have no other choice. However, acknowledgement is half the battle. Small daily sets is all it takes. Don’t think of change as something that needs to be done right away but rather- think about the daily steps to get there. That’s how I turned my life around. “progress not perfection”

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