A Conversation Between a Black Girl and a White Girl at the University of California at Berkeley

WG- Hey, hey [waves frantically in the face of black girl who is speed walking across campus]. Don’t I have that literature course with you?


BG- Yeah Professor Nanda’s African-American literature course, how are you?


WG- I’m ok. Kind of swamped but I guess that’s normal right? Ha, ha, ha.


BG- [Fake smiles]


WG- So where ya headed?


BG- I’m heading home.


WG- Where do you stay? I never see you in the dorms.


BG- No I stay at home. I’m from Oakland.


WG-Oh my god girl shut up. I’m from Oakland too. I’ve lived in Montclair like my whole life. Where in Oakland are you from?


BG- I’m from the East.


WG- Oh ok. Where? I mean I hear that part of town is pretty big.


BG- I grew up on Parker. Kind of close to Eastmont Mall.


WG- Eastmont Mall ewe. Are you serious? You mean over there by Planned Parenthood?


BG- I don’t know what’s in the mall. I don’t hang out there [Irritated].


WG- Well yeah there’s like a Planned Parenthood inside off the mall [laughing].


BG- Really? How do you know that? [Stares into WG’s eyes].


WG- [Stops laughing. Turns red. Is ashamed].


BG- Sorry but I have to catch my bus. See you in class [continues speed walking to the bus stop].


Notes on Planned Parenthood

November 21, 2011

In my limited travels through a handful of American ghettos I’ve noticed one very conspicuous consistency, and that is the presence of Planned Parenthood. Whether it be Oakland, Portland, Atlanta, or Los Angeles I find it interesting that some of the most desolate and underserved communities in the entire country somehow manage to attain a Planned Parenthood. Because of this fact in some of these neighborhoods abortions have become more accessible than fresh produce. It puzzles me. But I guess when it comes to the hood businesses are set up to control the population rather than to serve the community.

These are the kind of thoughts that keep me up at night.