The Sun

The sun rose before me this morning. On this day, one of the very last in the month of August, I wake up inspired. I have lost many people on my journey of 30-years but somehow I have retained righteousness and for that I am thankful. I can still see the many forms of beauty that present itself in everyday life. I can still feel the dogged determination of my ancestors and if I look hard enough I can still see my future in the eyes of a gorgeous woman.


Time has just begun for me. There are many pieces of this game that I need to attain, however, there is no doubt that I have the ambition to get them. Yesterday morning was extremely overcast and I could scarcely see what was before me but on this day, one of the last days of summer, the sun is highly visible. I have finally placed myself in a position to feel its warmth and for that I am grateful.



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