Open House

I went to my daughter’s open house last night with her mother and the little girl was so excited to have both of her parents in the same room at the same time. She showed off everything that she has done and we saw all the progress that she has made. One class assignment stood out to me. She was asked to write a sentence about her parents and she wrote; “My mommy takes care of me and my daddy shows me what to do.” Apparently our roles are very clear to her. I don’t know how to feel about her written response but a good part of me feels sad. She never asked to be born into a broken home. We both give her so much love but I wish we could give her unity.


4 thoughts on “Open House

  1. I can relate to your daughter YB. She wouldn’t be looking at it like you are with all the guilt and knowing what a broken family represents. It would of been worse to have a sense of hate hanging around the united family rather than giving her continual love separately.
    When I heard “My daddy shows me what to do”. In my ears I heard an admiration. You not only show her the way but she listens. You are her mentor…

    • Thank you Karina. I’ve been able to look at this positively since I wrote this post. Writing is so cathartic. Thank you.

  2. your daughter’s words speak volumes, you are definitely doing something right 🙂

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