The Blog Escape

I wake up early because I don’t really have anything to sleep for, and as I write this post I am becoming increasingly aware that as of lately I have been abusing my blog. Instead of me working on longer more substantial projects I blog. Instead of creating personal entries in my journal to assess how I am really feeling I blog. Instead of me sitting in that dark room with all of my pain and trauma I briskly walk through it and turn on the light before I leave—in other words I blog.


I need to stop running and face all of the hurt. I need to remain in the room with it him until, at the very least, we come to an understanding. I’m thinking I may need to stop blogging for a while. I need to figure this out.


8 thoughts on “The Blog Escape

  1. Isn’t blogging supposed to be an outlet, an escape?

    • I’m not sure. I guess. I just feel like it’s a problem because I’ve been using it to run away from my responsibility as a writer…If that makes sense at all.

  2. I understand, hope you find balance 🙂

  3. Brilliant! Honesty – I like it!!
    Acceptance is the first step. Hope to hear about the action in the few to follow 🙂

  4. Hey YB, I hope you do keep blogging. I was a fellow Mills student, I also blog. I have always thought of you as a talented writer. I miss workshops with criticism and other people to inspire writing, perhaps you can from time to time give feedback on my writing and I on yours. Respond on my blog with your email…

  5. I subscribed to your blog. You should have my email now.

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