The Agony

January 22, 2012

Wow, so now I must begin the painful process of putting my life back together after my favorite team was ousted from the playoffs. Just hours ago I was full of optimism and joy looking forward to the big game. Now all of that has been shattered by one field goal. It really pisses me off.


What can I say; the New York Football Giants played a great game. They marched into San Francisco and defeated my squad.  My major issue is now that the 49ers have lost I am forced to face all of the problems I have; bills piling up, my completely lame job situation, my wack ass hot water heater that has blown out yet again, high gas prices, bald tires, I’m feeling stressed out from all angles. Now I realize how much of an escape this football season has been for me.


My goodness loosing really sucks. I feel like I was actually out there getting sacked and fumbling punts. I’m so hurt right now. At times like this I wish I smoked weed, drank, and did ecstasy. I wish I didn’t have to face this agony. This is so dreadful and we were so close to the super bowl. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my most hated adversary.


Curse you football gods! Curse you! You all don’t care about me, Alex Smith, or Patrick Willis. You all are unjust and obviously from the East Coast somewhere. New York Vs. New England for a rematch? You sick bastards! I’ll never allow myself to be led astray by you all ever again. From now on I’m going to start following more pure sports like water polo and curling. I’ll never feel let down like this again. I am no longer a believer and I will not be back.


2 thoughts on “The Agony

  1. Say it ain’t so fellow Niner! (from a 25 year long fan)

  2. It was a very ugly situation. I don’t even know if I’m going to watch the Super Bowl this year.

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