It’s a tragic thing when a writer no longer trusts an empty page. Recently I’ve let a lot of creative thoughts disappear instead of running to the nearest piece of paper and writing them down. In those moments when I was on I used to text lines to myself and get them on my laptop as soon as possible. But at present I have allowed space to come in between myself and my passion and I’m not sure what it is. I mean it’s not writers block. Maybe it’s just a pause. Perhaps I need to freeze my dream for a little bit in order to analyze it and make sure I’m doing what I can to make it tangible.

I wonder if this happens to anyone else.


2 thoughts on “Pause

  1. Yes. I think we all need breaks from anything we love.
    Yesterday, I read an interview w/ Tanekeya Word. The interviewer asked her why she took a year off from painting:

    “I needed to figure things out, like, what is it that I really want to do? How does my art contribute to society or to the bigger picture? I had not found my statement yet. And I hadn’t found my voice. I was always painting in just a cathartic way. There was no rhyme and reason to what I was doing. It was just coming out and I liked it, but for me it has to contribute something to society and it has to have a voice. Like in my writing, it has a voice, it has a thesis and it has a conclusion. I did not feel like the art, at the time, had that. If you look at my old artwork, none of that is cohesive.”

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