Lost and Broke



November 23, 2011

                My hot water heater keeps blowing out and I ain’t gone lie, I’m way too educated to be this broke. To be such a well read man and still have to resort to taking a cold shower is almost unbearable. When it gets really hot or really cold ants march through my kitchen in full force as if they don’t know I have a Master’s Degree. Sometimes they make it into my room and bite my flesh at night like they don’t see my degrees on the wall. It’s all so pitiful.

                Not that I’m trying to solicit pity but a little respect would be nice. My living conditions are so substandard that I am honestly considering moving into a library. That would really be amazing. Occasionally I dream about going to sleep reading a book while using another book as a pillow. A dozen dictionaries would be my blanket and my lady. I would be enraptured by words in every state of being. Then I suppose a hot shower wouldn’t matter as much. Nothing ever matters when one is lost in literature.


                So many of us have lost our way. We have allowed the academics to lead us astray. For in life you can’t find the answers in the back of the book. All of the important information isn’t in bold print either. So much time has been wasted and I have learned to cherish everything that can’t be applied. Imagine a little boy with all the book smarts in the world but no common sense. Now try to imagine him being successful. Can you do it?


8 thoughts on “Lost and Broke

  1. Isn’t there a whole culture devoted to this theory?
    Not to be rude but in my experience, the most book smart people in the world are – Asians.
    Yes, they are the most successful business minded people in the world too. But! ever seen them on location together—— no idea.

    Smart vs common sense… question be to you my friend. Which one would you rather be?

  2. Wow, I’m lost on my own blog.

    • I’m assuming you’re referring to my comment in that i’m “branching out” or going off the subject at hand?

      It’s just a response to Karina’s, that’s all. If you wish, I could just stop bothering to add what I think is insightful to your blog…

  3. You can feel free to add whatever you want to my blog. Ghettosun is a free space.

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