Brief Thoughts on the Occupation


October 12, 2011

                It’s easy for me to forget that I’m a writer when I’m at my job working all day. It’s easy for me to let my best thoughts evaporate into the idleness of my mind. It’s easy for me to become blind to beauty. The world is dramatically shifting all around me; therefore I cling to employment so I don’t lose my balance. But then again maybe I need to be pushed down like a wooden domino. Perhaps I should allow myself to get swept up in all the change.

                Lately I’ve been wondering if I have become a bit of a hypocrite because I only write about my radical ideas as opposed to running out in the street and screaming about them to whoever is listening. It’s been several years since I’ve participated in an organized protest. It’s been equally as long since I’ve collaborated with like-minded luminaries. I’m concerned that I have grown to rely far too heavily on the tactic of guerilla warfare that is my writing. It may be time for me to join the disenchanted masses.

                At present I don’t know what to make of the occupation of big cities across America. I mean I know I agree with just about every homemade banner and sign that I have seen (raging against unemployment, corporate greed, bailots, etc), and lord knows that I support drastic change in this country. I just feel like something else will need to happen in order for me to be reeled in. Forgive me for what I am about to say but when I see footage of the unrest; I see a lot of white boys with bull horns. I see white guys leading chants, and blocking freeways. I just see a lot of white males— period. All of this makes me wonder whether or not we can we really call what is happening around this country a revolution if is led by the world’s most privileged demographic.

                I am not trying to be overly simplistic nor do I intend to come off as being too caught up on race but this is what’s making me hesitate. This is what keeps me wrapped up in my own occupation instead of jumping head first into theirs.


7 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts on the Occupation

  1. I don’t think it’s possible for someone to be caught up on race, you’re simply noticing the same disappointing trend that others have noticed as well. Although, I do have to say that in San Fran there have been a lot of people of color as well as white males. There’s a pretty mixed group here.

    • This is very true and I applaud that diversity, however, the core group who started occupy wall street appear to be all white males. It’s very interesting. At any rate thanks for reading.

  2. Hi YB, since you are occupied with a job it makes it difficult to spend much time on the web visiting, observing, digesting the material and Livestreams of the many Occupy groups around the country.

    I am home bound, and retired, so I have a lot of opportunity to watch. You impressions are not all together accurate, but surely numbers could improve in diversity. Perhaps, the reason is the same as yours, jobs, and families to support. The diverse faces may not be apparent in news clips, or on the protest sites, but it doesn’t mean they are not in solidarity.

    As time passes, I hope the visibility becomes more evident, but in the meantime, I am not deterred from being in solidarity. I find ways to can express my protest, support, and thoughts from my home. It is my hope that something I write may help another person step over the line of indifference and seek to learn more and voice their support as best they can.

    Thank you for expressing your thoughts, because I think they were important and sincere.

  3. ! so I was thinking about your post on your thoughts regarding Troy Davis while I was watching Lupe’s performance on the BET awards. I’m still thinking it through but I started to write about the lyrics of his song b/c he’s basically challenging us not to be silent. I think its great but there is more than one way to ‘not be silent’, its not just about protest, but I struggle with naming other ways to ‘not be silent’ in a meaningful way.

    As far as occupy Wall St, I was out there in the beginning and then I went back when it started to gain more people. I made the comment to my friend ‘at first, it was just a whole bunch of dirty white people but its good to see some more people of color out now’ Its still a whole bunch of white men; I know people think sprinkles of brown = diversity but to me it doesn’t; I hate being the only or one of the few brown folks in activist work; I actually refuse to do it anymore. A friend shared this:

    • Dang! I missed the BET awards which sucks because I’m a huge Lupe fan/supporter. Maybe I can youtube that joint though. Thanks.

  4. The main aspect of what I like about “Occupy” is the offshoot protest towards major bank chains that have caused many people to cancel their checking/savings accounts with them and go credit union or community bank.

    Now, if this particular protest reaches many more people’s consciousness and many more withdraw from the majors, THAT will definately create more immediate change!

    For it is the major banks that have a stranglehold on the US’ and the world’s economy. So there’s a way you can protest your displeasure YB, assuming you have an account with a major.

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