A Different Kind of Summer

August 31, 2011

Summer is just about over, which is funny because I barely realized summer was here in the first place. I haven’t taken a vacation, I haven’t gone camping, I’ve still had to pay my bills, and I’ve still had to handle all of my responsibilities. Life for me has remained exactly the same and perhaps the worst part of the equation is that I’m not even mad about it. Hell, I didn’t even realize how dull my summer has been until I found out that I had Monday off of work because of Labor Day. I was like wow, Labor Day is here already.

I guess life as a grown up can be that was sometime. It’s kind of funny when I think about what the month of August used to mean to me and my loved ones. Back in the day when we used to get so drunk we would cry for no reason. Back when we would ride the strip until 4:00am looking for the sideshow. Back when it was mandatory to have a pocket full of phone numbers by the end of the night. Back in the day when I used to actually look forward to eating at restaurants like Jack in the Box and Denny’s. But time most definitely moves in a hurry and time moves for a reason.

I really enjoyed all of those moments but I don’t want to relive them. When I was younger I did everything I wanted to do. I took all of the chances that I wanted to take and I survived. I had fun and I got through it. This summer was all about moving on while staying put.


One thought on “A Different Kind of Summer

  1. You forgot to add: eating at Mr. G’s Screaming Eagle back in the day 😉

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