A Dreary Summer Day

August 9, 2011

                Today is one of those days when all the problems of the world appear to be catching up with me. Lately everything seems to be in complete ruin. Locally, a 3-year-old boy Carlos Fernandez Nava was shot dead while walking to the store with his family. The two men who were the intended targets of this brazen broad daylight attack suffered non life threatening wounds. The suspect has yet to be found.

                On the national level the economy is getting worse and everyone is pointing fingers at one another instead of working toward a proper solution. And globally the riots in London serve as a reminder that the murder of innocent black men by the police is not something merely relegated to the United States.

                I’ve been really irritable the past few days. I haven’t felt nearly as motivated as I usually am. I’ve been in somewhat of a stupor I suppose. I realized this when I was driving down the street today and one of my favorite songs The Sweetest Taboo by Sade came on the radio. She sang; “Every day is Christmas/ and every night is a New Year’s Eve.” Those lines have never ceased to put my soul at ease but today they sounded like mockery. As if she was completely oblivious to the current human condition. And that’s when I knew things were worse than I thought; when I could actually bring it upon myself to express animosity toward Sade.

                I don’t know what’s happening in the world today I only hope that I can find a little bit of joy tomorrow.

-The Asiatic Prince

2 thoughts on “A Dreary Summer Day

  1. Interesting…this may sound a little out there, but theres a guy out there named Mitch Battros with a website called Earth Changes Media that claims our Sun’s solar flare activity has gone into record activity this month and that it has a specific negative effect on the human mind, on our weather system and our earth’s geomagnetic structure…my point? I think this solar effect has possibly ratcheted up the rage in people’s minds all over the world. Of course, people are gonna do what they’re gonna do solar effect or not, but just maybe this effect has people going beyond their boundaries in what they consider before doing otherwise. peace.

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