A blog about nothing

August 4, 2011

It’s always interesting to wait and see how the writing process will work. Sometimes it flows so well and then other times…there’s nothing. What can I blame this on? I’d like to say its Facebook’s fault for putting a little 1 on the panel every time someone interacts with my page. Since I’ve been on Fb my ADD has regressed into ADHD. (Speaking of Facebook; isn’t it bizarre when people actually like Facebook on Facebook? I just thought I’d ask).

I also want to blame my blog sometimes. After all, I hardly ever just write for me anymore. Every thought that I transform into writing I share with anyone out there in cyber space who is willing to read it. I’m thinking that’s a problem. Perhaps one day all of this openness will come back to haunt me. Maybe but that day ain’t today so I’ll keep moving right along.

It’s really a trip when you have so many wild thoughts running through your head but you can’t manage to pin one down and expound. Then you find yourself running full speed away from an empty page. Now can you think of anything scarier than that for a writer?


-The Asiatic Prince 


2 thoughts on “A blog about nothing

  1. 1) Facebook ‘likers’ on Facebook…. couldn’t think of anything more cringe worthy
    2) I’ve been feeling guilty lately cause I have only been able to write for ‘me’ when I originally started writing a blog for ‘we’
    3) An Empty page aka writers block – yeah nothing more frustrating. But for a blog about nothing – you certainly did well 🙂

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