Roger Porter

July 15, 2011


I love how the sky looks at dusk. When it’s orange, red, magenta, crimson, yellow; ill-defined. It forces me to look up even when I’m feeling down. When the world appears to be so drab and hopeless it’s always good to be taken aback by the beauty of something natural. Like naturally kinky hair, and naturally full lips, it all has the same effect on me. It’s wild how I never know I need inspiration until I’m inspired.  Then I become aware of the haze I was in before some pretty thing made my vision clear.

It makes me wonder if people in the dark ages knew they were living in darkness or were they just happy to be alive. I am happy to be alive but I do spend a considerable amount of time thinking about how this current era will be classified in the decades to come.

 It would be nice to hear an outside opinion sometime. I would appreciate having the opportunity to hear a dissenting voice without being told to fear it, or to sit idly by while others are ordered to kill it.

There are millions of gorgeous things in this world. There are even a lot of righteous people wandering about the earth who go unrecognized and taken for granted. It’s sad that I can become so engrossed in negativity that I can’t receive the most splendid gift that has ever been given.

3 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. This is the consumer generation. We consume so much that we aren’t satisfied by what is taken in… Like the beauty of a sunset.
    This generation of movement and high speed gadgets, seems too busy achieving the ‘next best thing’ that the simple things that were put on this earth, seem boring. I personally, have always been one to watch people rush by and wonder “what’s the rush?”
    My question lies in what will the next generation be like? Will we wear out or will we be taken out?

  2. It’s pretty ironic that we are having this conversation via a social network though. Don’t ya think?

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