I’m Not Buying It

Roger Porter

June 6, 2011


Believe it or not I try not to trip off of petty things. I do put a lot of time into choosing my battles in an attempt to keep from completely losing my mind, but sometimes I can’t help it. Sometimes little things just bother me and bother me until I can’t take it anymore. Today’s example of this is the phenomenon of club cards at the grocery store.

Why the hell do I need to be in a special club to save money at Safeway? Since when did buying things on sale become so esoteric? As a matter of fact if I have to give you my name, phone number, and address to save 50 cents on some Oreo cookies then it really isn’t a bargain.

What do they do with that information anyway? It’s kind of creepy to know that someone out there has complete access to your diet. Once again I don’t know what someone would do with this information but I would much rather they didn’t know everything that I like to eat.

I can imagine a lot of people writing me off as being paranoid for this entry. I mean I guess it feels good to most people when they swipe their card and the cashier (unless it’s the self check-out line) tells them how much money they’ve saved and circles it with a red pen, but I’m not buying it. If something is on sale then it’s on sale. They’re already receiving our business. Do they need all of our personal information as well?

One thought on “I’m Not Buying It

  1. lol, in my case the phone number I use is my old phone number and for whatever reason they have my information including my name in their system incorrectly.

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