Roger Porter

May 26, 2011


I’ve been listening to Adele’s new album entitled 21 everyday for about a week straight. It’s a beautiful feeling when you put a CD in and you can tell by about the 2nd song that what you are listening to is classic material. Adele put every emotion she has ever experienced into each note of 21. When I listen to it I wonder how far is too far for an artist? I mean can you ever give too much?

Adele made such a tremendous sacrifice by sharing her pain with us in such a visceral way. When I listen to her she inspires me to go even further with my work. If Adele can give everything then I can too and I will have no shame. And I will become stronger for doing so, and then once I’ve given all there is to give then maybe I will be able to feel her music even more. Then it would all be worth it.

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