Attack of the Mind Controllers

Roger Porter

May 11, 2011


I read an article in USA Today last night entitled “More families hungry in post-recession America.” The article was about blue-collar working class families going without food because they aren’t aware of the government resources that are available to them. Like just about every article in USA today it was a very well written piece. It was engaging, it flowed well, and it seemed to be thoroughly researched but to be honest it took me longer to get past the title than it did to read the article.

“Post-recession America,” who comes up with this stuff? That’s only slightly less ridiculous than the term “Post-racial America” which was used in the months after President Obama was elected. I’m not sure what economic formula was used to determine that the recession is over but it really doesn’t matter. What matters are all the foreclosed homes that I see around town, and all the businesses that have closed their doors. What matters even more than that is the dejection in the eyes of first generation college graduates as they take baby steps through the unemployment line.

When I walk downtown, uptown, on the east side of town, anywhere in town it is obvious to me that there is still a very serious economic problem. Who are these people who come up with this propaganda? How can they tell me that I don’t see what I clearly see?

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