Go Get It!

Young Jeezy

Roger Porter

April 27, 2011

Remember when we were young and higher education was marketed to us like the latest toy during Christmas time, except it wasn’t just seasonal it was all year round? When I was a kid the media, teachers, and adults in general made it seem like if you got a college degree then you were set for life. Now you’ll find people with BA’s, MA’s, and PhD’s in the same unemployment line as high school dropouts.

It’s a shame and I didn’t really start thinking about it until I was driving through the city running some errands while listening to Young Jeezy (who is a very underrated M.C. by the way). Jeezy dropped the lines; “I said I’m so hot/ but my house cool/ So many rooms that it look like a high school/ Speaking of high school/ I never passed that/ No work right here/ Know where the cash at.” As I listened to the record I thought damn, knowing what I know now should I continue to stress a college education to the younger generation or just encourage them go out into the real world and pursue their dreams as soon as possible? It’s true that if they drop out of high school they probably won’t make it but if they finish high school—and college—then they probably still won’t make it.

With the current economic depression people may as well just go for it. And I’m not saying people should put all of their energy into buying a million dollar home, jewelry, and a Lamborghini. What I am saying, however, is the time is now propitious for people to chase their wildest dreams. At the present time everyone should go for broke because chances are you’ll wind up broke anyway.

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