No Money, No Cable, No Problem

Roger Porter

April 23, 2011

You know not having cable really frees the mind. Besides not being able to tune into World Championship Boxing (missing Berto Vs. Ortiz nearly broke my heart) I think having my cable disconnected was the best decision that I ever made. Now instead of flipping through over 500 channels looking for something that isn’t there I do productive things like go to the theater to watch plays, go to the Farmer’s Market, and blog. I am also a lot less inclined to buy stupid things I don’t need because I’m not taking in all those commercials.

When I do look at the basic channels that I actually get I can only take it for about 30 minutes until I start feeling lazy, like man what else can I be doing? I honestly feel like my brain is recovering from years of nonstop television abuse. You know when you think about it it’s such a non interactive form of entertainment. You just sit there on the couch being filled with whatever images are put before you. Even if you do control what you watch, you can’t control the products that are advertised during commercials. For example; you may want to watch a basketball game but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be exposed to the glorification of the Marines, Carl’s Jr., and Captain Morgan Rum.

It’s pretty gross how they manipulate you but then what can I say, that’s capitalism. The objective is to get the money by any means necessary. With that being said right now I feel a very real sense of liberation because Comcast won’t be getting my money anytime soon. So I guess this can be looked at as something positive that has happened to me as a result of the recession.

No money, no cable, no problem.

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