The Notes of an Amateur Boxer on Training Camp


Roger Porter

                There is something very pure about training camp. Something completely consuming and deeply spiritual. There is something very raw and addictive about having dozens of people crowd around you and having each one of them tell you that you can do it. That you can accomplish your goals, and then there is something so inspiring about having a goal that is so attainable. And it doesn’t even matter whether or not ones chances of achieving that goal are great or slim, for one knows without a shadow of a doubt what he has to do—beat that man. Beat that Man!

            And you work harder than you ever imagined you could every day of the week. And you put your heart and soul in the ring. And you give up all those things that you love and desire. And your life is split right down the middle between what’s good and what’s evil. And you live amongst all those good things and keep all that is evil out of body and out of sight. And it is by these means that the human experience becomes pure. And it is only through the art of boxing that the individual athlete is able to become a walking extension of god.

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