My Broke Ass Poem



I am educated and yet I am very broke and that is a problem.

It affects my confidence in the worst way. Like it’s hard to ask a woman out on a date when you can’t pay her way.

Well at least for me it is.

When I was living that bohemian lifestyle as a graduate student studying creative writing I never thought it would result in some chick named Sallie Mae taking almost half of my check every month. Damn it’s ugly.


My Internet bill has gone up, Christmas is coming up, and the first of the month won’t come soon enough. Not that it matters much anyway because by the time the 2nd comes I’ll be broke again. It’s hideous.


In undergrad it used to be cute to be broke but now the shit just won’t go away. I look at my brothas on the corner hustling everyday and I think it’s a shame that they have to destroy another person in order to feed themselves but damn, at least they ain’t in debt.


In hindsight college loans were such a bad idea. Why the hell would I pursue something that I can’t afford? What a day, what a day?


My god.


4 thoughts on “My Broke Ass Poem

  1. How are you holding up, YB? It’s always a pleasure to read your post/insight:-)
    Don’t lose faith – keep ya head up.

  2. Aw man. It’s going to be alright!!

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